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From Polyphasic Sleep

This User is on the Everyman Sleep Schedule.
This user is from Canada.
This user has a core sleep period at 4am to 7am.
This user has naps at Noon, 5pm, and 11pm.

A blog discussion of transition into an Everyman sleep schedule is located at [1]. Toad008 requests any question to him be asked in his Talk page, or posted as comments on his blog. Blog is currently updated a minimum of once every 2 days.

Currently working towards a sleep schedule of the following: Core sleep from 4am to 7am, 20 minute naps at noon, 5pm, and 11pm.

Due to the intent to gradually phase into the sleep schedule, currently the core sleep period is closer to 3am to 7am.

Toad008 is a 24 year old Canadian embedded systems developer.

Currently developing a User Page Setup Guide.
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