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User Page Setup Guide

From Polyphasic Sleep


I would like to establish a somewhat standardized user info bar that I would like to see all users placing on the User: page. However, I realize some of the users here are likely not experienced with Wiki editing, thus I am creating this tutorial.

For an example of a user page, view User: Toad008. Feel free to click the edit button to view the current Wiki Code involved in that user page. It's hopefully not too confusing, but I'll go into some details here.

The Key I would like to see on all user pages in the UserBox item. To the right is an example of how it looks:

Your Name
This user is from Canada.
This User is on the Everyman Sleep Schedule.
This user has naps at 3am/pm, 7am/pm, and 11am/pm.

To create that you need to add the following to the beginning of your User Page.

What you type
{{Userboxtop|Your Name}}
{{Canadian User}}
{{Naps|3am/pm, 7am/pm, and 11am/pm}}

Currently the following templates are usable: {{Canadian User}} {{US User}} {{Everyman}} {{Uberman}} {{Monophasic}} {{Naps|Type nap information here}} {{Core Sleep|Type Core Sleep information here}}

Just insert the tag you wish to use in between the Userboxtop, and Userboxbottom.
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