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[edit] Active Polyphasic Bloggers

These bloggers are active polyphasic sleepers or are attempting to adapt to polyphasic sleep. Many of them provide regular updates on their progress.

[edit] Puredoxyk

Puredoxyk coined the term "Uberman" to describe the 20-minutes-6-times-a-day polyphasic sleep schedule in a post to everything2.com. She maintained the Uberman schedule for 6 months in 1998-1999, and is presently on the Everyman schedule.

[edit] Kirk Kahn

Kirk made two unsuccessful attempts to adapt to polyphasic sleep in 2006. He is currently on a biphasic sleep schedule as he prepares to attempt Uberman again.

[edit] Chris Michener

Chris is preparing to start sleeping polyphasically December 20. This blog also has general information regarding polyphasic sleep and the Uberman sleep schedule.

[edit] Michael Turner

Michael is on an "Uberman Ramp Up" as he prepares to attempt Uberman.

[edit] Federico Pistono

Federico is on the Everyman schedule, and provides updates on his progress every few months.

[edit] Placebo

Placebo was attempting to re-adapt to Uberman as of February 2007.

[edit] Keith Swallow

Keith is attempting to try various Everyman schedules, gradually decreasing the length of his core sleep.

[edit] Paul Bradley

Paul adapted to Uberman for 3-4 months in 2006, and is now blogging about his attempt to adapt to the Dymaxion schedule.

[edit] Opus

Opus is attempting polyphasic sleep with a schedule of 3 hours between naps.

[edit] Majacha and Peduso

Majacha and Peduso, successfully experimenting on Everyman and Uberman since 02/21/07 (german)

[edit] Toad008

Toad008 is just starting on the Everyman schedule. He started on 05/14/07.

[edit] Video Bloggers

[edit] Past Polyphasic Bloggers

These bloggers have attempted (and some have succeeded at) polyphasic sleep in the past, but they are no longer maintaining a polyphasic sleep schedule or no longer blogging about it.