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Adaptation phase

From Polyphasic Sleep

Changing your sleep schedule usually requires an adaption phase. During this phase the various rhythms in your body (hormones, temperature, mood) change and try to fit into the new schedule. This very often implies a time when one is sleep deprived, since sleep is only efficient enough if it occurs at a time when the body is most recipient to sleep. If it isn't, you may be unable to go to sleep at all, or the sleep may not be deep enough or of good enough quality. If no countermeasures are taken, this often leads to unintended sleeps that occur at times deviating from the schedule such as oversleep, an extra nap, or changing nap times. If this happens, it disturbs, if not destroys, the adaption process.

How hard the adaption is, depends on your general napping ability, and the strictness with which you stick to a regular schedule. The sooner you start getting restful naps, the easier the adaptation will be, and restful naps will come from strictly following a balanced schedule. During this time, your body will become accustom to scheduled nap-times making it much easier to wind down and eventually get quality naps. Equally important is limiting the amount of snoozing and oversleeping - inconsistent amounts of sleep make it more difficult for your body to learn to nap optimally (further making it difficult to stick to the schedule).

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